Your bedroom is a special room. It is here that you start and end each day. It should be relaxing and intimate — reflecting the romance within. (Regardless of your personality, there is always some romance there!) Since it is such a personal space, ignore trends and decorate from your heart. Which colours best represent you? Bright and sunny? Dark and cozy? Do you prefer carpet or wood? Many people prefer carpet because it is soft and warm on your feet when you get out of bed each morning. However, if you do prefer a wood floor, you can add the softness by placing a large area rug under your bed. Traditionally, an area rug should be large enough to extend 18”-24” beyond the footboard and each side of the bed.


Your bed should always be the focal point; but how you dress the bed will depend on your furniture. The style of furniture you choose sets the tone for the overall “mood” — which makes it the most important element in your bedroom. I like to mix and match pieces because it can be more relaxing than having everything match perfectly. With any style, adding extra pillows to the bed always looks romantic and comfy. (You can tell your partner I said so!)


Be thoughtful of how you will be using your bedroom when planning your décor. How do you relax at the end of a busy day? Do you watch TV? Read your favorite book? Listen to music? If you use your bedroom for any of these activities, create a space for them. Have the television and stereo in an armour so they can be put away when not in use. If your room is big enough, create a reading corner with a chair, side table and lamp. If you don’t have the extra space, have adjustable reading lights by the bed. Keep your other interests — such as home office, craft supplies, pet kennels, etc. — in a different room. Your bedroom should be your quiet space.

Now, for those romantic moments, a little bit of mood lighting is always recommended. Forgo the standard ceiling fixture and opt instead for a decorative chandelier with a dimmer switch. Light a few candles (placed in fire safe areas, of course), turn down the lights, and turn on the music…

This is your personal space, created for you, by you. Relax and enjoy!