house with nice front porch, wooden double doors, wicker furniture,mexican tile paver floor

Make sure all your furniture and accessory choices follow the design style you wish to create.


When choosing a décor theme give consideration to the interior room that the deck is extending from, whether it is the kitchen, dining room or living room. Is it Japanese, Tuscan, country, urban, etc? Bring this same theme outside.

Before shopping ask yourself some questions about the use of the space. Who will it be used by? What will it be used for? What time of day will it be used most? Is it covered or open? Will there be a play area, eating area, reading/sunbathing area, shaded area? The answers to all these questions will determine the items needed.

When purchasing patio furniture, just as for other rooms in your house, the rule of thumb is always to buy the best quality you can afford. Remember you get what you pay for. The better the quality the less often you will need to be replacing it. Teak is becoming a popular choice for outside furniture. Although teak is a little more expensive it is beautiful, durable and timeless. Other materials that stand up well outdoors is cast iron and cast aluminum. These are also becoming popular and come in many different styles.

When choosing accessories keep in mind that a patio is a place to entertain and relax. It should not be too fussy or require too much maintenance. For relaxing there should be lots of comfy pillows. For evening parties, garden lights and candles help create a festive mood, also consider investing in a patio heater. Potted plants are a must. They add color and softness. An area rug will add a special finishing touch. A covered deck gives you more options to choose from but if you are exposed to the elements pick a rug without a rubber backing so it will dry more quickly.

By having your outdoor space coordinate with your indoor dining you can use the same dishes and table linens in both spaces. However, if you have a hot tub or pool adjacent to your patio Invest in some non-breakable dishes.

Make sure all your furniture and accessory choices follow the design style you wish to create. Summer is a special time of year. Have fun entertaining and relaxing in your new room.

Dorothy Kerbrat